Bayern Munich’s quest for promotion to the top flight in German basketball took another step as they added German BBL league champion Beckham Wyrick from Brose Baskets Bamberg as well as former German U20 international Bastian Doreth.

A club official also confirmed they are interested in adding German international Demond Greene to the second division ProA side and veteran American power forward Darius Hall is also linked to the club.

Less than two weeks after bringing in German national team coach Dirk Bauermann to help the club become a basketball powerhouse, Bayern Munich on Friday announced the signing of the two players, who join recent acquisition Aleksandar Nadjfeji.

The 26-year-old American small Wyrick scored 2.6 points in 10.5 minutes for Bamberg’s German league and cup-winning team and signed a one-year deal with Munich.

“Wyrick has proved his skills in Bamberg and previously in Leverkusen,” Bayern’s basketball manager Thomas Oehler told

“There are no questions at all about his character, which fully meets our and Bauermann’s demands.”

The 21-year-old combo guard Doreth, who played for Germany’s U20 national team last summer, also agreed to a one-year contract with an option for a second. He had a double license last season with Bamberg, playing predominantly with the third division ProB side in Nurnberg and scoring 11.5 points a game.

“He is still a young guy but he has a lot of talent. He is not an A-2 international for nothing,” said Oehler.

“I also could have taken the second step before the first. I had offers from the BBL. But Bayern offered me a super chance at the right time,” Doreth told the Nurnberger Nachrichten daily.

Another name linked to Bayern is German national team wing player Demond Greene, who played for Bauermann with the national team and in Bamberg.

“We are interested in him, but there is nothing concrete to report,” said Oehler of Greene, who played last season in Greece for Olympia Larisa.

And yet another player rumored to be possibly Bayern-bound is Artland Dragons veteran low post defensive ace Darius Hall, according to the Bramscher Nachrichten.

The paper quoted Artland Dragons manager Marko Beens as saying: “I cannot say anything about that. I have also heard of that.”

Hall would give Bauermann a presence in the paint with the experience of playing deep into the German BBL playoffs as well as the Eurocup.

From last season’s club, the only player certain to remain on board with Bauermann is former German international center Robert Maras.

Bayern on Friday announced that Rasheem Barrett, Christopher Moore and Josh Mueller would not be back with the club this up-coming season.



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