Alba Berlin found a replacement for Tadija Dragicevic in signing another Serbian forward in Marko Simonovic while new s.Oliver Baskets Würzburg head coach John Patrick added his former players at BG Göttingen John Little and Jason Boone as many German basketball BBL teams continue to fill out their squads for the up-coming season.

The acquisition of Simonovic, who signed a one-year deal, gives the 2011 BBL runners-up Berlin another versatile player as the 25-year-old can play both forwards.

“We were looking for a player who could fill the small forward and power forward positions. Marko is a very well schooled European player who fits that role perfectly,” said Berlin coach Gordon Herbert.

“He isn’t just the type of player who has good stats but also does the small things that help every team.”

Simonovic, a Pristina, Kosovo native who fled to Belgrade as a 13-year-old with his parents during the Balkan war, won the past three Montenegrin league titles with BC Buducnost Podgorica and averaged 13.8 points, 5.2 rebounds and 1.3 assists during the 2010-11 Adriatic League and 10.7 points, 5.0 rebounds and 1.3 assists in six Eurocup contests last season.

Simonovic is the third new acquisition for Berlin, who hope to win their first title since 2008 with the likes of DaShaun Wood and Torin Francis along with new coach Herbert.

Promoted team s.Oliver Baskets Würzburg picked up an experienced player for their first season back in the BBL as head coach John Patrick added shooting guard John Little and big man Jason Boone, both of whomhad played for the new Würzburg boss for the past three season at BG Göttingen and reached the playoffs each campaign.

The former Göttingen captain, Little played 25 games internationally over that span, winning the 2010 FIBA EuroChallenge and advancing to the quarterfinals of the EuroCup this season before losing to Benetton Treviso.

In addition to losing their coach, captain and Boone, Göttingen have also lost Jermain Raffington, Robert Kulawick, Trenton Beachum, Maximilian Kuhle, Adam Waleskowski and Mike Scott.

EWE Baskets Oldenburg continued their re-shaping of their team, signing 24-year-old American guard Kenny Hasbrouck after he averaged 10.8 points for Meridiano Alicante of the Spanish top league ACB.

Oldenburg had already added Adam Chubb, Ronnie Burrell, Dominik de Mello and Christopher Razis to join Rickey Paulding and Robin Smeulders, who remained on the team.

Artland Dragons meanwhile added former German international big man Guido Grünheid, who joins Stefan Koch’s team after playing with MBC the past two seasons.

The 28-year-old Grünheid, who has played 38 times for Germany, is a second German player who is expected to play a major role this season – in which teams must have five Germans on their squad. Johannes Strasser and Christian Hoffmann are the other Germans on the Dragons squad.

Giessen 46ers strengthened their roster by picking up over the past two days defensive specialist shooting guard Wayne Bernard and Puerto Rican big man Angel Garcia. Bernard played two seasons for new Giessen coach Björn Harmsen at MBC while Garcia comes to Giessen from Euroleague Spanish side Unicaja Malaga.

Giessen had already added Bozo Djurasovic, Misan Nikagbatse and Robert Oehle to the returnees Mathias Perl, Maurice Jeffers and Elvir Ovcina.




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