Was Rowan Atkinson at the 2012 FIBA U17 World Championship? No it was Argentina's assistant coach Eduardo Japez

Kaunas (heinnews) – Anybody can put together a starting five of future superstars at a tournament like the 2012 FIBA U17 World Championship. But what about a starting five of look-a-likes?

Maybe it the lack of sleep or watching six games a day for days on end working in Kaunas for FIBA’s event site. But heinnews’s David Hein came up with five matches.

Note: This is meant to be fun – and not taken seriously. We kid because we love!

Here the Starting Five:

Actor Jamie Foxx and USA forward Justise Winslow

Then we have

Argentina forward Gabriel Deck and cartoon character Speed Racer


What do you think about this?

Actress Denise Richards and Zalgiris cheerleader


And couldn’t help but see this one:

Kermit the Frog and Canada superstar forward Justin Jackson

And to finish it off:

Rowan Atkinson and Argentina's assistant coach Eduardo Japez





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