It appears that Turkish superstar talent Enes Kanter will be playing at the U18 European Championship this summer. 

The Fenerbahce power forward, who was born on May 20, 1992, is with the Turkish U18 team in Riga preparing for a warm-up tournament in Liepaja, Latvia 

Talking with the coach of the U18 team at the Arena Riga in the Latvian capital, he confirmed that Kanter would be playing at the U18 European Championship Men in Metz and Hagondange, France from July 23-August 2, 2009. 

The coach also said the U20 team is trying to get Kanter to play for them on Rhodos, Greece from July 16-26, 2009. 

Kanter averaged 19.1 points and 14.6 rebounds at the 2008 U18 European Championship. He also played at the 2008 U16 European Championship and averaged 22.9 points and 16.5 rebounds as well as 1.5 blocks. 



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