heinnews’s David Hein takes a look at some of the top players at the U18 European Championship in Wroclaw, Poland.  On hand and busy writing the content for the event’s website, Hein has seen some teams more and more intensively than other teams and players.

However, heinnews offers up some perspective on the top players from the 1993 generation – and a couple 1994 guys and one from 1995. Names kept off this list does not mean they are not top-level talents.


Marko Ramljak, PF, 2.03m 14 March 1993

What can you not say about this guy – actually a Bosnian native? Ramljak plays tough defense. He can handle the ball. He is an excellent rebounder and is absolutely fearless – offensively and defensively. Ramljak is a player every coach would love to have on his team.

Mislav Brzoja, F, 1.98m 9 January 1994

Brzoja is not afraid to put it up but can pass the ball as well and does a good job rebounding. Against Poland, Brzoja made a couple of questionable decisions on offense – shooting up a hurried three-pointer early in the shot clock in the final three minutes and then turned the ball over with 36 seconds left and his team up by eight points – luckily Croatia was far enough ahead.


Mouhammadou Jaiteh, C, 2.04m 27 November 1994

In a team full of athletes, Jaiteh is a bit wider than the rest of his teammates but rock solid body-wise and playing in Poland as a 16-year-old who doesn’t turn 17 until late November. Jaiteh is already a superb physical specimen who is a tremendous rebounder and strong defender. Offensively, he is still limited and his solid defensive skills will allow him the chance to work more on improving his offense.


Bogdan Radosavljevic, C, 2.12m 11 July 1993

A Serbian native who grew up in Germany, Radosavljevic is one of the biggest bodies in Wroclaw and has played like that, taking advantage of his smaller opponents. Radosavljevic is shooting 63 percent from the field but just 42 percent from the free throw line – including two misses with three seconds left and Germany ahead by two points against Turkey (Germany won the game). Radosavljevic (who worked this past season with German senior national team coach Dirk Bauermann at Bayern Munich) struggles at time with his decision making (3.7 turnovers) and lacks the athleticism to block a lot of shots – though that is improving as well. Bogdan does have a positive, free-going attitude and enjoys learning from older and more experienced players.


Przemyslaw Karnowski, C, 2.13m 8 November 1993

One of the best big men of his age group – in the world. Karnowski has a number of positives in his game. He has touch around the basket – and that as a left-hander. He has a number of different moves in the low post offensively. Defensively, Karnowski is an excellent shot-blocker who understands the importance of keeping the blocked shot in play which can lead to fast break points. He also can pass the ball and has worked very hard on improving his body and with that his ability to move up and down the floor – even with the capability of at times beating the defense back. Karnowski’s range also extends out to about 16-18 feet though he struggles at the free throw line.

Mateusz Pinotka, SG, 1.96m 29 August 1993

A great offensive talent who can drive to the basket and has the ability to draw fouls and also can shoot from outside despite his current struggles in Poland (1 of 11 shots after three games). The all-arounder Pinotka plays tough defense, can pass the ball and is not afraid to rebound the ball.

Pitor Niedzwiedzki, PF, 2.10m 2 June 1993

Niedzwiedzki is a solid inside-outside player, whose range does go beyond the three-point stripe. He is a solid but not great rebounder and decent ball handler in the post. In general, an effective big man with a good basketball body and massively wide shoulders.

Grzegorz Grochowski, PG, 1.80m 15 March 1993

Grochowski is the feisty, gritty, emotional leader on the court with a solid three-point shot. He does a solid job running the Poland offense and is a tough, if not strong defender.

Tomasz Gielo, F, 2.04m 4 January 1993

Gielo is a perfect glue guy who does whatever it takes for a team to win: defend, rebound, hit a shot here or there. The Liberty University recruit accepts his role and fulfills it excellently. But the long, lanky power forward has the skills to take more responsibility on a team.


Vasilije Micic, PG, 1.91m 13 January 1994

Micic is a real leader on the court, with scoring ability as well as a strong playmaking skill. The 1994-born point guard turns the ball over a bit too much (4.3 TOs compared to 6.0 apg through three games). But he may be a player who performs better when he plays with better teammates.


Jaime Fernandez, PG, 1.84m 4 June 1993

Fernandez is the leader of a talented Spain side. He is a superb decision maker – 17 assists to 3 turnovers after three games – who plays tough defense and can shoot the ball from the outside.

Alejandro Abrines Redondo, PF, 1.98m 1 August 1993

heinnews predicts Redondo will be the biggest winner of this tournament, in which he came as practically an unknown. He was even unknown to the Spaniards before last season and this summer makes his debut in the Spanish national team system. The Palma Majorca native has the total package and will be a star in Europe – if not even higher. The Unicaja player – the son of former ACB player Gabriel Abrines Marti – can drive to the lane and finish, shoot from beyond the arc, rebound, block shots, defend, draw charges, you name it. This is the name to watch out for in 2011-12 – he also has a bubbly and carefree spirit about himself and a superb intelligence about the game.

Alejandro Suarez, PF, 2.04m 27 September 1993

Suarez already is close to having a pro-level body, which he uses well to get position on offense and rebounding at both ends of the court. His range does push out past the three-point line – and just about anywhere along the stripe. His defense is not the most impressive.

Daniel Diez, F, 1.99m 7 April 1993

Diez is extremely productive in his time on the court, with 11.3 points, 7.0 rebounds and 1.7 steals in 21 mpg after three games. Diez, one of the team’s best free throw shooters, does whatever the team needs to win whether that’s scoring, defending or rebounding.


Kenan Sipahi, PG, 1.92m 26 May 1995

Despite being the only 1995-born player at the U18s, Sipahi has already established as the leader of the Turkish team. The youngster is a big-play player who has a solid outside shot but struggles in traffic. He defends adequately at times but struggles with quicker players. Sipahi has room to improve but already has an advance sense of leadership for his age.




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  1. Boris says:


    Marko Ramljak is Croat frm Herzegovina. Bosnia and Herzegovina is state of Bosniaks, Serbs and Croats. About 15% of population are Croats, mostly living today in western Herzegovina where majority people are Croats



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