FIBA Europe asked heinnews’s David Hein for his input about the top players at the recent U18 European Championship regarding invitation for the U18 All-Star Game at the 2011 EuroBasket in Lithuania. All told, FIBA Europe would be making 36 invitations including one from each of the Division A teams, five players from the U18 Division B as well as the U18 Division C MVP.

Here is the group of 36 that Hein came up with – along with a bit of help from Christophe Ney and Yarone Arbel – headed off by U18 Division A MVP Alex Abrines of Spain and absentee Dario Saric of Croatia.

Players from U18 European Championship Division A

Marko Ramljak, forward, Croatia

Mislav Brzoja, guard, Croatia

Martin Kriz, power forward/center, Czech Republic

Joonas Caven, small forward, Finland

Mouhammadou Jaiteh, center, France

Livio Jean-Charles, forward, France

Dennis Schröder, point guard, Germany

Paul Zipser, guard, Germany

Giannoulis Larentzakis, guard, Greece

Amedeo Dalla Valle, shooting guard, Italy

Ojars Silins, small forward, Latvia

Simonas Kymantas, center, Lithuania

Paulius Semeska, point guard, Lithuania

Przemslaw Karnowski, center, Poland

Mateusz Ponitka, guard, Poland

Gleb Goldyrev, small forward, Russia

Vasilje Micic, point guard, Serbia

Nenad Miljenovic, point guard, Serbia

Luka Mitrovic, forward, Serbia

Nemanja Dangubic, guard, Serbia

Luka Rupnik, point guard, Slovenia

Jaime Fernandez, point guard, Spain

Alex Abrines Redondo, forward, Spain

Alejandro Suarez, power forward, Spain

Daniel Diez, forward, Spain

Kenan Sipahi, point guard, Turkey

Volodymyr Gerun, power forward/center, Ukraine


Players not at U18 European Championship Division A

Dario Saric, forward, Croatia

Sergey Karasev, forward, Russia

Aleksander Cvetkovic, shooting guard, Serbia



Players at U18 European Championship Division B

Rasmus Larsen, power forward/center Denmark

Nikola Ivanovic, forward, Montenegro

Boris Bojanovsky, center, Slovakia


Players not at U18 European Championship Division B

Devon von Oostrum, guard, Great Britain

Markus Eriksson, guard, Sweden


MVP from U18 European Championship Division C

Julian Gualtieri, guard, San Marino




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