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The 5th annual 2012 MLB Academies Tournament will be played in Regensburg, Germany from March 31 to April 6 – the third consecutive year the event will be held at Armin Wolf Arena. The teams on hand will be Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, France, Sweden, Italy, Czech Republic and Austria.
heinnews talked to the coaches in charge of the teams to get a run-down on what international baseball fans can expect from the tournament – and the future.
Czech coach David Winkler’s description of his team:

Looking over your roster, who do you see as some of your top players and maybe you can tell me a bit about those players and how high can they go in professional baseball?
Right now we have a really young team of academy players, but most of them have experience with national teams. Some of them were at the European championships for  juveniles and cadets and four of them last year for juniors last year. We also have a player that was in Tirenia (an MLB camp). I don’t want to say who is the best player because for me as a coach they have to work hard on themselves, and time will show what could happen.

Looking at this class(es) of players, where does it rank in past classes? Is this a particularly good or bad year for the system?
I think that we are not as strong as last year, but for sure we have bigger chances in the future because the players are more talented and they are working harder. Last year was great at the national level and the tournament in Regensburg is a great event. This will only help the players want to be better.

What players from your system would normally be here but are not and for what reason?
We have a couple players who are injured who would usually be in Regensburg.

What do you think about this MLB Academy tournament and others like it? What are the biggest benefits for the players?
MLB Academy tournamet is a great event as I said before. We will play six games against other academies. So we can learn a lot and find out new things. The coaches from the MLB system are great – so again we can gain a lot of new experiences, different ways how to play,  etc.,  So these are the biggest benefits for the players – new great, experiences and another view of how they can play, feel the game and find out what baseball can bring them and what they can give to baseball.


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Roster as of 21 March 2012

No. Surname Name POS I. POS II. Team Date of Birth Height Weight
13 Ondráček Jakub 2B SS Hroši Brno 20.02.1996 172 65
40 Hajtmar Adam SS 2B Draci Brno 28.01.1995 183 70
65 Kocour Daniel OF Draci Brno 28.05.1993 186 78
41 Vykoukal Michael C 3B Arrows Ostrava 22.05.1994 178 76
1 Moštěk Filip OF 1B Draci Brno 23.10.1996 180 65
85 Rovný Jan C P Draci Brno 03.04.1996 182 85
64 Kováč Michal 2B Draci Brno 17.08.1994 179 68
42 Svoboda Jan P Draci Brno 25.07.1995 192 77
67 Sázavský Richard OF 3B Technika Brno 05.05.1994 184 75
43 Jukl Václav C OF Draci Brno 16.07.1994 183 70
68 Janoud Tomáš C 3B Hroši Brno 16.03.1995 185 76
88 Bartl Jan OF Draci Brno 23.06.1993 189 83
19 Červinka Martin IF P Draci Brno 03.03.1997 173 61
47 Kalábek Martin OF P Draci Brno 27.02.1997 178 68
12 Menšík Lukáš C Draci Brno 17.08.1997 167 57
86 Claus Filip 3B 1B Hroši Brno 22.07.1997 192 79
61 Hřib Jan 2B P Hroši Brno 29.11.1995 176 69
49 Dědek Vojtěch IF P Eagles Praha 29.06.1994 192 70
87 Vaněk František P 3B Eagles Praha 17.12.1994 192 85
46 Podzimek Jakub P 1B Eagles Praha 07.04.1995 175 67
62 Šmidt Viktor P Eagles Praha 06.02.1994 185 77
24 Dědek Matěj P 1B Eagles Praha 20.11.1996 174 60
32 Mencl Matěj C 2B Eagles Praha 15.09.1997 178 65
60 John Petr C Kotlářka Praha 23.03.1995 183 75
38 Händl Jakub 2B SS Patriots Liberec 06.10.1996 178 61
26 Winkler David COACH Draci Brno
27 Šmidt Martin COACH Eagles Praha
28 Janoud Tomáš COACH Hroši Brno





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