Travis Gaug had a big game on the mound and at the plate in helping the Regensburg Legionäre IV build a big lead and then hold on in the end for a 17-13 victory at the Eismannsberg Ice Sharks.

Gaug hit a two-run home run in going 3-3 with three runs scored and three runs driven in. He also allowed just three runs in three innings pitched, giving up just two hits while striking out two – though he did walk six batters.

Gaug helped himself to a big lead by hitting his two-run homer in a seven-run first inning, which also saw Thomas Münster drive in two runs with a single and Michael Seidel and Janek Stela add RBI base hits.

The second inning saw Regensburg pick up eight more runs, including RBI doubles by David Hein and Gaug; a two-run single by Robert Flynn; and one-run singles by Andre Koos, Stela and Seidel.

The Legionäre offense sputtered after building a 15-1 lead, scoring just two runs in the final three innings. Regensburg, however, could have added more runs had they not three times get caught stealing at home with two outs – Flynn in the second inning, Eric de Hennezel in third and Münster in the fifth.

Münster collected three hits and scored twice and drove in two runs but he struggled as Gaug’s pitching replacement with a 15-3 lead. Münster allowed three runs on no hits in the fourth inning and then was charged with five more runs on three hits in the fifth – walking five batters and hitting another in his 1-plus inning of work.

Legionäre manager Christian Winter took over on the mound from Münster. Winter walked four batters but was able to close the door as Regensburg improved to 3-1 on the season.

The victory was a strong team showing as Regensburg committed just two errors in the field and received production up and down the line-up.

Seidel had two hits as well as two runs and two RBIs with Flynn driving in two runs on his two hits. Hein and Koos both went 1-2 with two runs scored and one RBI each.



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