For those of you out there who think they know NFL Super Bowl history trivia, see if you can answer all of these questions right – answers below.

1. Which team won the most Super Bowls?

2. Which team lost the most Super Bowls?

3. Which team scored the most points in a Super Bowl?

4. Which team scored the fewest points in a Super Bowl?

5. In which Super Bowl were the most points scored combined by both teams?

6. In which Super Bowl were the fewest points scored combined by both teams?

7. What was the largest margin of victory?

8. What was the narrowest margin of victory?

9. What was the highest point total for a losing team?

10. What was the lowest point total for a winning team?

11. Which player won the most MVP awards?

12. Has the MVP ever been awarded to a player on the losing team?

13. Quarterbacks have won the most MVP awards, how many times did a quarterback win?

14. Which position won the second-most MVP awards?

15. Who were the only two players to win co-MVP honors?

16. How many times has the MVP award been given to a member of the defense?

17. Has a special teams player ever been crowned Super Bowl MVP?

18. What was the earliest date for a Super Bowl to take place?

19. What was the latest date for a Super Bowl to take place?

20. Which city has hosted the most Super Bowls?

21. Which state has hosted the most Super Bowls?

22. Which quarterback passed for the most yards in one game?

23. Which quarterback threw for the most yards in his career?

24. What is the record for most touchdown passes in one game?

25. Which quarterback threw the most interceptions in one game?

26. What is the record for the most rushing yards in a single game?

27. Who holds the record for the longest run from scrimmage?

28. Name the four receivers who caught a record 11 passes in one game.

29. Jerry Rice of San Francisco and Oakland holds the record for most career touchdowns and most touchdowns in a single game. What are his record marks?

30. Which player holds the mark for the longest kickoff return in Super Bowl history?

31. Name the eight players who returned a kickoff for a touchdown.

32. How many punt returns for touchdowns have there been in Super Bowl history?

33. Who holds the mark for the longest punt return?

34. Which player appeared in the most Super Bowls?

35. Which player won the most Super Bowls as a player?

36. Which head coach appeared in the most Super Bowls?

37. Which head coach won the most Super Bowls?

38. Four head coaches lost four Super Bowls. Name them.

39. Which player holds the mark for the most career sacks?

40. How many safeties have been scored in Super Bowl history?

Answers – don’t cheat.

1. San Francisco (XVI, XIX, XXIII-XXIV, XXIX), Dallas (VI, XII, XXVII-XXVIII, XXX) and Pittsburgh (IX-X, XIII-XIV, XL) all five

2. Minnesota (IV, VIII-IX, XI), Denver (XII, XXI-XXII, XXIV) and Buffalo (XXV-XXVIII) – all four

3. San Francisco vs. Denver, XXIV – 55 points

4. Miami vs. Dallas, VI – 3 points

5. San Francisco (49) vs. San Diego (26), XXIX – 75 points

6. Washington (7) vs. Miami (14), VII – 21 points

7. San Francisco vs. Denver, XXIV (55-10) – 45 points

8. New York Giants vs. Buffalo, XXV (20-19) – 1 point

9. 31 – Dallas, Pittsburgh vs Dallas, XIII (35-31)

10. 14 – Miami, Miami Dolphins vs Washington Redskins, VII (14-7)

11. San Francisco quarterback Joe Montana – three (XVI, XIX, XXIV)

12. Yes, linebacker Chuck Howley, Dallas – Baltimore vs Dallas, V (16-13)

13. 23 times

14. Running backs – six; wide receivers – five

15. Randy White, DT, Dallas, and Harvey Martin, DE, Dallas, Dallas vs Denver, XII

16. Seven times – including the co-MVPs at Super Bowl XII

17. Yes – Desmond Howard, KR-PR, Green Bay, Green Bay vs New England, XXXI

18. January 9 – Oakland vs Minnesota, XI

19. February 6 – New England vs Philadelphia, XXXIX

20. Miami – 9 (II, III, V, X, XIII, XXIII, XXIX, XXXIII, XLI) and New Orleans – 9 (IV, VI, IX, XII, XV, XX, XXIV, XXXI, XXXVI)



22. Kurt Warner, St. Louis – 414 yards, St. Louis vs. Tennessee, XXXIV

23. Joe Montana, San Francisco, 4 games, 1,142 yards

24. 6 – Steve Young, San Francisco vs. San Diego, XXIX

25. Rich Gannon, 5 INT, Oakland vs. Tampa Bay,XXXVII

26. 204 – Timmy Smith, Washington vs. Denver, XXII

27. Willie Parker, Pittsburgh vs. Seattle, XL, 75 yards (touchdown)

28. Dan Ross, Cincinnati vs. San Francisco, XVI

Jerry Rice, San Francisco vs. Cincinnati, XXIII

Deion Branch, New England vs. Philadelphia, XXXIX

Wes Welker, New England vs. N.Y. Giants, XLII

29. 8 career touchdowns, 4 games – 3 touchdowns in one game, San Francisco vs. Denver, XXIV vs. San Diego, XXIX

30. Desmond Howard, Green Bay vs. New England, XXXI – 99 yards (touchdown)

31. Fulton Walker, Miami vs. Washington, XVII

Stanford Jennings, Cincinnati vs. San Francisco, XXIII

Andre Coleman, San Diego vs. San Francisco, XXIX

Desmond Howard, Green Bay vs. New England, XXXI

Tim Dwight, Atlanta vs. Denver, XXXIII

Ron Dixon, N.Y. Giants vs. Baltimore, XXXV

Jermaine Lewis, Baltimore vs. N.Y. Giants, XXXV

Devin Hester, Chicago vs. Indianapolis, XLI

32. Zero

33. John Taylor, San Francisco vs. Cincinnati, XXIII – 45 yards

34. Mike Lodish – 6 – Buffalo, XXV-XXVIII; Denver, XXXII-XXXIII

35. Charles Haley – 5 – San Francisco, XXIII-XXIV; Dallas, XXVII-XXVIII, XXX

36. Don Shula – 6 – Baltimore, III; Miami, VI-VIII, XVII, XIX

37. Chuck Noll – 4 – Pittsburgh, IX-X, XIII-XIV

38. Bud Grant, Minnesota, IV, VIII-IX, XI

Don Shula, Baltimore, III; Miami, VI, XVII, XIX

Marv Levy, Buffalo, XXV-XXVIII

Dan Reeves, Denver, XXI-XXII, XXIV; Atlanta, XXXIII

39. Charles Haley – 4.5 – San Francisco-Dallas, 5 games

40. 5 – Dwight White, Pittsburgh vs. Minnesota, IX; Reggie Harrison, Pittsburgh vs. Dallas, X; Henry Waechter, Chicago vs. New England, XX; George Martin, N.Y. Giants vs. Denver, XXI; Bruce Smith, Buffalo vs. N.Y. Giants, XXV



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