Ricky Rubio showed once again why he is considered one of Europe’s biggest young stars as he sliced and diced his way through his former team, DKV Joventut in Spanish ACB league action to the tune of 10 assists in 21 minutes.

Judging by these highlights, Rubio appears to have already gotten used to throwing alley-oop passes to Fran Vazquez as well as other various spectacular assists. And he also showed that a top level team like Joventut also has no chance when trying to stop him drive to the lane.

Rubio hasn’t been scoring very much, totalling just 21 points in four ACB and one Euroleague game. But he dished out nine assists in Barcelona’s first Euroleague game this season while scoring nine points.

After four years of playing at Joventut, Rubio was drafted by the Minnesota Timberwolves but an agreement could not be reached and Rubio ended up going to Barcelona.

Here are some highlights of his ACB debut with Barcelona

Here is another early season highlight reel – also against Joventut in the pre-season League Cup.

have to love the first highlight, an inbounds alley oop to Vazquez – who else.

Barca fans should start getting used to the alley oop.