Tibor Pleiss has developed into one of the best young centers in Europe and the 20-year-old Brose Baskets Bamberg big man hopes to play one season in the Euroleague before venturing off into the NBA.
The 2009-10 German BBL league Rookie of the Year made the comments to the German language sports news portal Sport1.

When asked about the next steps of his career plans, Pleiss said: “I cannot say that right now. The NBA of course is a dream and I would definitely like to achieve this goal. Through my stark, everything I have wanted to happen has happened. I will certainly stay in Bamberg one more year and prepare for the future. I still want to continue to improve to reach an NBA level.”

Pleiss also commented about his status with the NBA Draft.

“My first real draft year is 2011. I want to show myself in the Euroleague. A couple of clubs will observe me there for sure. And then I hope that I can be in the first round of the draft next year.”

He added: “The Euroleague is very important. This year I learned so much in the Eurocup. Proving yourself at the European level is an experience which helps advance young players.”

Here a link to the German interview.



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